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Q.What is the Purpose of the 2012 Long Range State Transportation Plan

The Illinois Long Range Transportation Plan (Plan) presents the policies, goals and strategies that will guide IDOT in their investment decisions for the state transportation system over the next twenty plus years.

Q. Why is the Plan being updated?

State requirements include the development of a master plan encompassing all modes of transportation and must include a comprehensive freight mobility plan for submission to the Governor and the General Assembly by December 31, 2012.  Federal requirements include the development of a long-range statewide transportation plan that provides for the development and implementation of a multi-modal transportation system.

Q. What is the approach to the Plan?

The Plan will establish a framework for the future using a sustainability approach as to how IDOT operates, plans and implements its mission.  A sustainability approach will help ensure that IDOT maximizes its ability to provide safe and cost-effective transportation, while considering the greater needs of the State, local communities, and the environment.

Q. What is being taken into consideration in the long-range development of the transportation system?

IDOT will consider the following eight policy factors in development of the Plan:

  • Safety for all transportation users.
  • Preserving and managing the existing infrastructure.
  • Accommodating future population and employment growth.
  • Support of global economic competitiveness.
  • Transportation for underserved populations such as the elderly, low-income and the persons with disabilities.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Securing adequate funding for maintaining, improving and ensuring efficient operation of the transportation systems.
  • Security to protect the State's valuable assets and ensure the continued operation of the system.

Additional emphasis will be placed on:

  • The development of innovative solutions to increase sustainability within the transportation system and to share a commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation.
  • The creation of multi-modal connections to move people, goods and services in a combination of two or more modes of transportation.
  • The creation of a comprehensive statewide freight mobility plan to identify inefficiencies in the system(s), address short and long-term needs, and potential solutions for all modes involved.
  • An investment in human capital to address local transportation employment needs and put people to work throughout Illinois.  A healthy, skilled, trained labor force increases the attractiveness of the State of Illinois to business enterprise.

Q. What significant challenges is IDOT faced with while planning for the future?

IDOT faces substantial challenges in planning for the future.  Among these challenges is assuring the prudent and productive use of limited funding resources to preserve the state transportation system, provide for safe travel, and support the standard of living for all residents of Illinois.  In addition, a balance between preserving existing infrastructure, promoting efficient system management and expanding system capacity will be sought in the planning process.  The needs identified will be evaluated within the context of available resources.

Q. How is the plan being developed?

The plan will be developed by using a planning process designed to be collaborative and engage stakeholders.  IDOT will conduct small group and stakeholder meetings and will include a diverse set of participants, including representatives from business, economic development groups, environmental, conservation, and civic groups, rural and agricultural organizations, transit operators, agencies and organizations representing underserved populations, and other transportation planning organizations.  In addition several public involvement meetings will be held to increase public awareness and seek input on specific issues that need to be addressed as the Plan is developed.

Q. How is this plan different than the State's Multi-Year Highway Improvement Program?

The State's Multi-Year Highway Improvement Program is intended to address the needs for specific transportation improvement projects over a five to six year period.  The 2012 Long Range State Transportation Plan is designed to provide the overarching framework for the development of IDOT programs.   The plan does include all modes of transportation even though IDOT is not a direct operator of airports, railroads, public transit, or water port facilities and services.

Q. How is the 2012 Long Range State Transportation Plan Implemented?

Ultimately this Plan will identify priorities and goals that will be reflected in Departmental policies and guide the program development process of the Illinois Department of Transportation.  For example, the multi-year program will use the outcome of this Plan's goals to identify a balanced program of capital improvement projects to address transportation system needs, policy priorities, and constituent input.

Q. How can I be kept informed of the Plan developments or sign up for the mailing list?

IDOT has created a website, www.IllinoisTransportationPlan.org, and has been designed to communicate and share Information about the plan amendments, process and product. If you would like to provide comments on the Plan update, you can do so via the website or write us at:

The Illinois Department of Transportation
Office of Planning and Programming
Tim Milam
2300 South Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, Illinois 62764.

Q. How is the State Rail Plan related to the Illinois Long Range Transportation Plan?

The preparation of a State Rail Plan is required by the Federal Railroad Administration.  The State Rail Plan sets State policy involving freight and passenger rail transportation.   The State Rail Plan includes an inventory of the existing rail transportation system, a review of all rail lines within the state, and a long-range rail investment program for current and future freight and passenger infrastructure in the state.  The State Rail Plan will be incorporated into the Illinois Long Range Transportation Plan by reference.








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