2012 Long Range Transportation Plan

Transforming Transportation for Tomorrow

Public Involvement

An extensive public outreach effort is a crucial part of the year-long planning process to ensure the identified trends, challenges, and transportation policies reflect and meet the needs of Illinois' citizens and transportation users. IDOT has begun outreach efforts with identified stakeholders and special interest groups. This will allow IDOT to understand issues and concerns related to specific areas and to also identify activities that may influence or alter the 2012 Long Range State Transportation Plan.

Initial statewide Public Outreach meetings are tentatively scheduled for late May - early June. View our meeting calendar. The purpose of the outreach meetings is to gather input and seek public awareness and interaction amongst all users of highways, transit, airports, waterways, railroads, and trails. Once a preliminary Plan is developed based on the initial public involvement activities, a second round of Public Outreach meetings will be held. The second round of Public Involvement Meetings have been scheduled for mid-September going into early October.  View our meeting calendar

A detailed program has been developed and tailored to the specific outreach needs of the Plan, and compiled in a document known as the Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP).

Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP)

The Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP) seeks to increase public awareness, interaction, and inclusiveness and enable accessibility to information to help ensure a positive outcome of the Plan update. The key objectives of the SIP include:

  • Proactive outreach to stakeholders;
  • Early and continuous community participation;
  • Reasonable access to information in clear, jargon free language;
  • Opportunity for public comment prior to key decisions; and
  • Focus stakeholder participation on decisions.

The design and implementation of a flexible stakeholder involvement program that is responsive to the unique conditions surrounding the program, will provide for continuing substantive input, ensure that public concerns can be expressed and considered, and meet all federal, state, and local requirements. View the Stakeholder Involvement Plan.

A separate Public Involvement report will be prepared that will summarize comments received from the Public Outreach meetings, stakeholder meetings, comments submitted through the Plan website, written comments and other media sources.




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